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Perfect Hideaways has a portfolio of farms, villas, houses, cottages and boutique hotels...
Our story

In the style of a classic Cary Grant and Grace Kelly movie Helen and David Untiedt met and fell in love in Monte Carlo… she a travelling English rose and he a young man from Johannesburg, hell bent on leaving the big city behind and sailing off in search of adventure. And what a place to begin a life together amid the glitz and glamour of the yachting fraternity, the gamblers and the glitterati.

Opulent Monte Carlo can overwhelm with its grand architecture, flashy hotels, fast cars, expensive boutiques and Monégasque (a mix of French and Italian) culture, food and language. But luckily having day jobs (as well as down-to-earth personalities) meant that instead of getting lost in the racy materialism of the international jetset, they were able to step in and out of the madness whilst still observing all!

From the South of France they travelled, mostly working on chartered yachts between Europe and the USA… spending time in the Spanish Balearic Islands, sailing through The Caribbean, taking on New England in a sportscar, crossing California and Nevada, exploring New Orleans and even dropping into Venezuela.

On their travels they witnessed the highs and lows that come with being on the road (and sea). They know that it takes a little time to appreciate a truly special holiday moment isn’t necessarily defined upon opening the doors to a luxury suite… but can be found eating roast goat cooked outside a beach shack with a rag-tag bunch of locals.

Which brings us to Cape Town where Helen and David have been living for 12 years raising their four children. Largely chosen for its beauty and because it’s one of those unique places on the planet that encompasses an incredible and interesting diversity in culture, language, food and style: a land that at one time is wholly African but also borrows much from foreign shores, making it a great place to start a business centred around dream locations.

by Robyn Hodgson