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This classic wooden beach house is perfect for the whole family as it is a short walk onto the beach for the children and big decks for parents to observe from. Decorated in a lovely simple beach style – enough fuss to feel spoilt but easy to maintain for a wonderful holiday.

We love the fact that this house has lots of space and sleeps all of us with ease and views are really unique to the West Coast with blue seas, white sandy beach and totally unspoilt. Take your reading material, your bicycles, your hiking shoes and unwind. The best thing about this beach house is that it is perfect for the weekend being an hour and a bit out of Cape Town!

This house is on 2 plots, totalling 1730 square metres in Flamingo Close Grotto Bay. There are a total of 9 bedrooms with 13 beds, all king and queen sized. Beautifully decorated and modern with all furniture and fixtures included. The property rents extremely well for both holiday rentals and photo shoots, so can be sold as a going concern.


9 Bedrooms

9 Bathrooms


Double Garage

Excellent security

Parking for 16 cars


R18 million

(plus VAT) all furniture included

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Grotto Bay

Grotto BayA wild beach in a private nature reserve, Grotto Bay is a real escape and yet only a short drive up the West Coast from Cape Town. The small residential estate within the 685 hectare nature reserve has a seaside village feel of whitewashed simplicity even in the spacious family beach houses, lending themselves to

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