Behold the Darling buds of August

Panorama house exterior

Behold the Darling buds of August

Every year, as we traverse the changing seasons of the Cape’s Mediterranean-style climate, we can be certain of a few things. The wind will get our knickers into knots, the sun will smoulder our shoulders, and the rain will pour like a good pinotage. Each cycle, in its splendour, boldly transforms itself from one unto the next. The sound of a flip-flop hitting the pavement signifies summer. The touch of the early morning chill suggests that autumn is upon us. The smell of burning pine smoking from the chimneys announces winter. And the sight of the blooming beautiful buds of the Namaqualand daisies salutes spring.

There are few places in the world that illustrate a change in the season, quite like the West Coast does. From one fleeting moment to the next, a relatively arid coastline embarks on a spectacular chrysalis of colour, as Namakwa daisies and wildflowers burst open with the light of day, and close with the night. Every year, from August until October, the spring flowers populate the Cape West Coast, Cederberg and Namaqualand landscapes, where the highest concentration of succulent plants exist. Thanks to the bees perfecting their pollinating duties, the area is continuously evolving, with an abundance of diverse, wild plant species, erupting every year. 

So with spring in our steps, and the daisies in bloom, it’s time to do what the Pet Shop Boys recommend you do, and Go West. Yes, life is peaceful there, in the open air, where the skies are blue…this is what we too recommend you do!

We’ve arranged a bunch of West Coast hideaways that are all within close proximity to the Postberg Flower Reserve, in the West Coast National Park. It is open to the public during the months of August and September, with an entrance fee of R76 for SA citizens, R38 for children, R170 for international adults and R85 for international children. There are a number of hiking trails within the park, where you are likely to come across the odd herd of zebra, antelope, ostriches, tortoises and snakes (!).

Visit Darling Brew – the award-winning microbrewery within the quaint village of Darling for some after-touring craft beer tasting. Or the famous Groote Post wine estate where the cool climatic conditions of the Darling Hills yield superlative grapes. And for those long lunches by the sea, head to the shores of Paternoster where you’ll find the fine restaurants of Wolfgat and Gaaitjie. Be sure to book in advance!

Here are our hideaways amongst the wildflowers… 


Zonnestraal stoep

North of the West Coast National Park, this Paternoster hideaway sits beachfront upon the dunes in the thick of the fynbos. An idyllic beach hut to relish long, idle days, besides the sea, with the odd excursion inland to the valleys, hills and flowers only a 40-minute drive away.

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28 & Sunny

28&Sunny inside

Along a prime stretch of beach in the little village of Dwarskersbos, this West Coast hideaway is a gorgeous place for families to gather to, where the surf is happening down the road in Elands Bay, the flowers are in blossom all around the beach house and the sun is setting right in front.

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Seagull Cottage

Seagull bedroom interior

Upon the blue waters of the West Coast National Park lagoon, with its rustic beach house charm and stunning views, this Churchhaven hideaway is perfect for a spring getaway, where the stillness and calm of nature prevails amongst the changing colours of the fynbos vegetation.

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West of the Moon

Churchhaven West Coast

This delightfully charismatic beach cottage nestled within the secluded wilderness of Churchhaven, dishes up an array of activities beside the banks of the lagoon and beyond. Walk amongst the flamingoes before they take flight at the start of spring, and kayak across the clear blue waters that mirror the vast, open skies.

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Casa Blu

Casa Blue outside deck with swimming pool

Within the wilderness of the West Coast village of Dwarskersbos, directly upon the beach, this hidden treasure snuggly sits amongst the fragrant fynbos and exhilarating sea air. Meet your needs for some fun in the August sun, and spend a spring break at this heavenly hideaway of a fisherman’s cottage.

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Johann’s Cottage

Johanns Cottage

Situated on the famous sandveld between the wild waves of the Atlantic and calm lagoon waters of the West Coast National Park, this Churchhaven hideaway opens its stable doors out onto the vast and rugged fynbos terrain of vibrant gladiolus, lazy daisies and candy sticks.

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Waterfall Farm

Waterfall Farm

Travel two hours north of the Mother City to the remote, charming citrus farm that’s nestled amongst orchards and rock pools, at the foot of the Cederberg mountains. Hike up high and survey the landscape that’s rich in fynbos, wildflowers, birds and indigenous wildlife.

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Paula’s Cottage

Paula's Cottage exterior with hammock

Watch the spring daisies bob their heads about in the breeze as you mimic their dance from the steady swing of the hammock on the front terrace of this quaint cottage in Jacobs Bay. You don’t have to travel far to revel in the bliss of the season, and the subtle pleasures that come with it.

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The Sound

The Sound lounge

For some fun and frolics that come with the spring weather, gather a group of friends and head to Yzerfontein for a dalliance with the daisies. Light the fires at night and take early morning strolls on the magnificent, long beach that begins at the end of the front deck.

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Panorama interior lounge with fireplace

This beautifully restored beach cottage looking out over the Langebaan lagoon oozes an ambience of nostalgia and soul. You’ll be completely enamoured by its thatched roof and white-stone walls that open out to the wildflowers and grasses rolling down towards the waters.

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