A round-up of our top 10 pools!

A round-up of our top 10 pools! Growing up in England the swimming pool was a very different beast to the one enjoyed here. Housed inside a fluorescent-lit building, emanating eye-watering chlorine, one wore a thick coloured band around the ankle to indicate your time slot. At the end of each time slot a bell […]


The Top 15 Holiday Rentals of 2018

Top 15 South African Holiday Rentals of 2018

Our Top 15 Hideaways of 2018 Rifling through these holiday rentals I recalled what a friend once said, “South Africans pay more attention to their holiday houses than they do their ordinary homes.” It is true these houses offer an eclectic and wondrous mix, from desert austerity to lush tropical. But what is interesting is […]