Our rockstar hideaways of 2019

Our rockstar hideaways of 2019

It goes without saying that as curators of a burgeoning and bountiful property portfolio – and at the risk of sounding like the proverbial proud parent, unashamedly gushing over their offspring – we earnestly love and cherish every single one of our hideaways. From the plentiful array of quirky beach bungalows to the handsome collection of charming country cottages, state-of-the-art mansions to lavish old farmhouses, sleek boutique hotels to the middle-of-nowhere eco-cabins. Each property has been carefully considered to tie in with our narrative of nothing short of extraordinary. As custodians, every hideaway takes pride of place within our hearts.

There are those, however, that set themselves apart from the pack. Those that stand out from the crowd. That have earned their rights to reign supreme. The ones that represent our ideals on style, comfort, character, purpose and position. All doused in their owners’ innate understanding of luxury and hospitality. Whether it be the second-to-none, spectacular views that lure you in, or the lush landscapes that surround, the enchanted gardens for getting lost in, or the endless bodies of water for wading about in. The architecture, the interiors, the remoteness, the accessibility, the soil, the soul – they are the crème de la crème. They are the rockstars of our portfolio.

As we look back on another year, we’d like to reflect on the properties that personify perfection, to us, and are ready to rock your 2020.

Here are our rockstar hideaways…

Maison Noir

2. Maison Noir1 scaled e1578488352977
A seamless arrangement of interconnected indoor and outdoor spaces that weave nature’s narrative into every aspect of this unparalleled property, Maison Noir is a sensuous experience on every level – with its captivating mountain and valley views, endless bodies of water linking flowing passages to the build, irrefutable, timeless style throughout, affluent comfort and easy-on-the-eye art pieces, every which way you turn.

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Seagull Cottage

PH SEAGULL 002 1 1 e1565259568305 2
A breathtakingly beautiful beach hideaway, Seagull Cottage nestles itself into the rugged West Coast terrain immediately on the shores of the lagoon, where flamingoes prance about the brilliant blue waters. A place of pure paradise, this hideaway delivers all one desires when escaping to the wild, remote village of Churchhaven, where the church bells occasionally ring, the oystercatchers sing, the hammocks swing, as we lay back and live like kings.

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Thuleni Homestead

4. Thuleni Homestead e1578488559572
In the heart of historic Zululand, deep in the bushveld, Thuleni Homestead opens up its spectacular floor to ceiling glass doors and capacious open-plan living areas for the wilderness to unfold right before you as the crisp bush air engulfs every space. Eternal sunsets and sunrises creep through the acacia branches tattooing silhouettes of the outside across the luxury safari-style furnishings and heavenly beds. There’s no place like the African bush.

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Stone House

5. Stone House scaled e1578488677505
A showstopper of a seaside hideaway, perched on the cliffs of Hermanus, the Stone House lends itself to large groups of friends and family who relish being surrounded by vibrant decor, luxurious furnishings, lashings of stone and the vast rolling ocean crashing against the shore below. Hidden nooks and cave-like fire pits, make for a cosy atmosphere, adding to the exhilarating experience that ensues at this state-of-the-art property.

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Farniente PH Henrique Wilding Bellis97 e1566465917926 2
Perched on the Klein Slangkop dunes in Kommetjie, alongside the notoriously dreamy long beach, Farniente opens its heart and seduces your soul with sincerity. Everything about this hideaway whispers, wow! Epitomising the perfect beach life, you’ll wake to the sounds of the waves tumbling, pour the morning tea, take a trot down the rugged pathway to the beach, plonk yourself into the sand and watch the paddle boarders surf amongst the whales, the dolphin, the darting birds, and the seals.

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No 37

No.37 blog perfect hideaways
Perfectly situated on the KwaZulu-Natal Dolphin Coast, No 37 is a tropical wonderland – a pure piece of paradise – that’s awaiting your team of fun and fabulous friends to flock together and create some lifelong memories of an unforgettable holiday, in the stunning Sheffield Beach villa beside the sea. You’ll be talking about it for many, many years to come. Until you return and do it all over again.

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Penhill Farm

Section 1 Penhill 1
A cluster of beautifully restored farmhouses in the ruggedly wild and beautiful Nuy Valley, Penhill Farm is a unique and authentic country retreat that oozes charm and caters to large groups where activities are aplenty. With the clear water dams and pools, boule, croquet and tennis courts, hiking and mountain-biking trails there’s enough to entice the revival of a family tournament. Let the games begin.

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Perfect Hideaways BobbejaanskloofBBJBERG 043
An absolute pearler of a property, Bobbejaanskloof is a quintessential, charming farmhouse resting amongst old forests and sweeping plains of Plettenberg Bay. Boundless lands unfold off the front lawn where the cattle roam and the river runs alongside. It’s the signature safari-style interiors and long verandah for eternal lounging and lazing about – looking out over the land – that sets this hideaway apart, from even the most attractive crowd.

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Tankwa River Lodge

Perfect Hideaways Tankwa Karoo10
A truly extraordinary farm in the Tankwa Karoo – you couldn’t get more remote than Tankwa River Lodge. This 300-year old hideaway is totally off-grid and surrounded by resident Springbok, Gemsbok, Hartebeest, Kudu and Aardvark, as well as wild horses, all roaming the vast land before you. It’s like no place on earth! Evenings spent around the fire-pits under the blanket of stars will be moments to write home about.

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Section 3 Bobbejaansberg e1571242054848 2
Life in the Klein Karoo doesn’t get more idyllic than at Bobbejaansberg. This inspirational stone home stacks itself up and out with layer upon layer of Karoo slate. Behold a mason’s masterpiece! The entire property is a fine work of textural art, flanked by beautiful mountain views, shaded by thorn trees, adorned in classical furnishings, and lit up by the majestic Karoo sunshine.

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