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There are few places on earth – if any – that harness the power of existence, greater than that of the African bush. From dawn until well after dusk, we are given an awareness of time as it is meant to exist. There aren’t any unnecessary distractions, feigning urgency, like they would in our everyday lives. Nature’s clock attunes us with earnest, reminding us about how a day once began, and ended – Safari Hideaways.

As the sun begins to rise, so do the birds with their song. So do the smells of the damp earth, as the dew drips and dries from the leaves and long grasses. Some of the wildlife wake up with the light, and begin their primal daily practice of forage, feed, rest and rehydrate on repeat. Others retire with the light, taking shelter from the heat of the sun after an evening’s hunt. The hours pass by with a riveting pulse of possibilities. A pride of lion languidly snooze beneath the branches of an acacia at midday, following a feasting of zebra. Herds of elephant saunter down to the watering hole for afternoon tea, taking their turn, one at a time, to rinse and spray, drink and play. The fish eagle swoops down for his dinner, chasing the last shadows of the catfish before the sun sets for the day. Barks from the leopard and cackles from the hyena intermittently break the crickets’ nocturnal symphony that’s in sync with the flickering flames of the campfire.

When we go on safari, we take heed of the pace of the bush clock. We are the spectators of this magical show, sitting centre stage to it all throughout the hours of the day. From the comfort of our luxury camp beds, deck chairs and sun loungers, back seats of the bush vehicle, benches of the river pontoon or sunken bathtubs overlooking the flood plains. We witness the beauty of it all, and allow it to casually seep into our own primal practices of feeding, resting and rehydrating. It’s not long before we’re in tune with the morning dove and as eager as the early vervet monkeys. We become curious like cats, identifying each call coming from the wild with the aid of our informative safari-guru-guides. We gracefully glide like giraffe from private lodge to lounge, ready for rehydrating and topping up on the tonic’s quinine. Feasting and resting on repeat. There is no better life like it. Especially in our finely selected hideaways that stand out when it comes to a good safari.

We’ve put together a list of sensational hideaways in the bush, that not only answer to your call for the wild, but exclusively deliver on luxury, charm, authenticity, privacy, and utter romance in destination and design. From the banks of the Zambezi, to the cliffs of the Waterberg, the sands of the Sossusvlei, and the magnetism of the Kruger – they all remind us how to stop the clocks, go back to the beginning, and live like Kings of the Jungle.

Here are our sumptuous safari hideaways…

Kubili House

Safari Hideaways

Deep in the Greater Kruger National Park, the breathtakingly beautiful Kubili House, gracefully opens its stone walls out into the wilderness, allowing it to waft right back into its grand, open spaces, connecting its lavish, inimitable design to the wilderness it inhabits.

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Singita Sweni Lodge

Singita Sweni main lodge swimming pool low res e1583416136906

With its vibrant colours and bold patterning, Singita Sweni Lodge delivers a dashing take on the whole safari experience. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows throughout the lodge, allow the views of the wilderness to permeate every space of this beautifully appointed safari lodge in the Kruger National Park.

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Royal Chundu Island House

Royal chundu 088 e1583416193784

Regarded as heaven on earth, Zambia’s single Relais & Chateux property, the Royal Chundu Island Lodge, is a tranquil piece of paradise, occupying a private stretch of the majestic Zambezi River, that can be exclusively booked out for groups of up to eight.

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Victoria Falls Island Treehouse

copy of zbcil 0166 e1583416241160

Just 10kms upstream from the roaring falls, Victoria Falls Island Treehouse perches on the banks of the Zambezi River within the National Park. Six houses cushioned into the trees overlook the rapids that flow, and the wildlife that roam. Even Catherine Zeta Jones couldn’t pry her husband, Michael Douglas, away from this intimate setting during their recent visit.

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Matetsi Victoria Falls River House

1. matetsi riverhouse11 e1583416295252

Set on a private 15km stretch of the Zambezi, Matetsi Victoria Falls River House is an award-winning, contemporary safari lodge that has earned its reputation of being a world-class safari experience, with its luxury hospitality and passion for conservation.

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Marataba Thabametsi Treehouse

MARA Thabametsi Treehouse9 scaled e1583416343921

Beneath the mighty cliffs of Waterberg in Limpopo, the Marataba Thabametsi Treehouse is built around a giant Weeping Boer-Bean tree, delivering incredible 360-degree views of the valley it sits within. Sharing its space with the Big Five, there’ll be an abundance of sightings of the beasts that freely roam.

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The Nest @ Sossusvlei

Nest Interior Room wide Katinka Bester scaled e1583416391438

The ultimate desert hideaway in Namibia, The Nest @ Sossusvlei is an experience as rare as the environment it inhabits. For avid safari enthusiasts, a holiday in the cocoon-like, weaver-bird nest should be at the top of the bucket list.

The Observatory

sil sweet lodge dook 094 e15834164441151

This quirky and cohesive, multi-faceted safari hideaway in Limpopo stops at nothing when intending to charm and surprise the gallant traveller. The Observatory in Limpopo’s Waterberg region is a good dose of safari fun, intrigue and, of course, luxury!

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Pel’s Post

1. pool deck pels main1 scaled e1583416481493

An exclusive-use lodge in the Northern Kruger, Pel’s Post beckons you into its stylish, sustainable lodges and generously opens out to spectacular 180-degree views of the valley below. It’s an idyllic family safari hideaway with its ample space and game viewing spots, casual and chic interiors, and safari activities on offer.

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Little Pan

Little Pan 12 of 65 scaled e1583416524288

A very special place on an island in the Okavango Delta, Little Pan offers so much more than just a safari holiday in Botswana. This tented camp, with its laid-back, luxury style and all of its bells and whistles, is on an island in the Thamakalane River and has access by boat to the Boro River, taking you into the Lower Delta. You’ll love the days spent paddling down the tea-coloured waters in a mokoro.

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