Romancing the Stone

Seven gorgeous stone hideaways!

Some say, a house built from stone is the sturdiest of all. It will survive the storms, brave the heat, and withstand almost any force from nature. Even one of the three little pigs followed this fable. No matter how much huffing and puffing went on, the wolf could not bring his house of stone to the ground. It’s all down to the perfection in its form. Unique in shape, having been carved over time, the stone will fit every groove. Its texture, both gritty and smooth holds its poise and succumbs to its slide. Just like a hand meets the glove. With its weight, and lack of bounce in its body, it harnesses itself, and sits still. The stone lends its force to the foundation, the walls, the floors, the pillars, the stairways, the fireplaces, the counter-tops, the stoeps and so on, without ever being ostentatious. That’s what we’d say about a house built from stone. Not only is it sturdy but it’s subtle, too. It serves as a backdrop for all of the other textures sharing the space in a home. You can see the linen and its lines, you can feel the fluffy sheepskin rugs, you can smell the crisp leather couches. The stone, however beautiful in its form, will always be graciously submissive to its surroundings.

We’d like to take you on a little journey, through the doors of some of the most unique and historical hideaways in our portfolio, all made from stone. Being the oldest construction material known to mankind, these magnificent builds may seem easy peasy to layer up, yet they are anything but. Masons must master the art of selection, slice, and wedge, slate upon slate, until the story of the stone is told.

Here are our Stone House Hideaways…

Stone House, Hermanus

Stone House 1 scaled 1

This Hermanus hideaway, perched atop the cliffs looking out to glorious, uninterrupted blue sea offers a curious mix – contemporary interiors meet timeless stonemasonry. It’s a bold blend of wood, concrete, glass and stone. Open fireplaces, solid pillars, lengthy verandahs, outdoor showers and courtyards, all made from stone.

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Stoney Cottage, Touwsberg Nature Reserve


This hideaway is all about the intricate details in the stonework of the slate walls that envelop you in a den-like manner. Whilst the wrap-around deck is where you will spend most of your time, escape inside to big comfy couches when the midday heat gets intense. Nestled deep within a private nature reserve, the remoteness of this hideaway creates a sense of peace, giving you a fresh perspective on life.

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Kliphuis Sneeuberg Nature Reserve

Kliphuis 3

What feels like a stately, almost periodic property, in the middle of nowhere, this rough stone house dutifully blends into the environment it is occupying. The thick walls and hard floors are softened by the lavish, yet laid-back furnishings that compliment the farm feel, and keep it warm. Views of the mountains in the distance, draw you out, to the wilderness, without leaving the comfort and security of the robust stone walls

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Klipspringer, Calitzdorp

Klipspringer 2

Like a boulder, bulging from the top of a hill, this stone house rises out of the green, bushy hilltop and mirrors the mountains around it. The barn-like build quietly sits in its stone, and refrains from announcing its presence too loudly. In loyalty to nature, it encourages the vast, open valleys, the wildlife, the birds, and rolling hills to make the noise.

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Bobbejaansberg, Barrydale

Perfect Hideaways Bobbejaansberg Barrydale46

Majestic and subservient to its surroundings, this inspirational stone home stacks itself up and out with layer upon layer of Karoo slate. The entire property is a fine work of textural art, where the slate and the rough stone auspiciously link the outside, in. Dainty shadows from the branches of the thorn trees, delicately dance on the stone walls that are baking in the hot, Klein Karoo sun. Behold a mason’s masterpiece.

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Caida House, Lopud, Croatia

Caida House

Found on the tiny island of Lopud, Caida House was created by restoring and expanding a limestone dwelling, parts of which date back to the 1400s. Days are spent dawdling along island paths in the drowsy heat, lunching at one of the five good island restaurants, then meandering to the harbour beach for a cooling dip before scaling the hillside.

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Casa di Led, Italy

Casa di Led scaled 1

Nestled in the hills of Umbria, this beautifully restored stone house hails from the 17th century. Timber ceilings meet rough, stone walls with open windows that drop down into the valley below. Views for days, months and years. An idyllic lifestyle sets in, governed mostly by the Italian tradition of riposo – a long alfresco lunch and a lie-down!

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The charm, the elegance and the history of houses built from stone, with their natural tones and textures, all tie in what’s romantic, seductive and sentimental about a home.

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