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Destination weddings are big – bigger than we thought. Cape Town has always been a favourite but for a while now at Perfect Hideaways, the phone has been ringing off the hook with brides looking for unusual venues. We get requests for farmhouses in the middle of nowhere, relaxed beach weddings, intimate family gatherings in historic manor houses, castles, glamping weddings, safari weddings… there’s no limit to couples’ imagination!

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Over time, brides and photographers have shared their beautiful images of celebrations all over the country so we have now put together a gorgeous wedding brochure with a selection of venues to see at a glance. You can mail us at [email protected] if you’d like us to send you one!

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In the past few years, we have also seen an increase in requests for wedding planners, especially for couples planning long-distance weddings, which are best coordinated by teams who know our venues well and work with local suppliers. Cape Town, in particular, has become one of the most popular wedding options, particularly for extended family and friends who want to make a holiday of their trip and combine it with a beach holiday or safari.

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So, we’d like to introduce you to Wedding Concepts, wedding planners who are based in Cape Town but will plan a wedding for you anywhere, any time, any place! We asked Christina Holt, founder and director of Wedding Concepts, for her five emerging wedding trends.
One of SA’s leading wedding planners and design agencies, Wedding Concepts has over 500 exclusive weddings in their stylish portfolio and was recently awarded the ACE Award for Best Planners in Africa 2019. 

We love their personal and professional approach to every wedding: each one is custom-designed from word go and they are able to plan weddings at venues all around South Africa. Christina’s top five wedding trends are:

1. Is black back?

‘Black is making a strong comeback – as well as bold, vibrant colours. Simultaneously, greenery and massed natural foliage continue to be a strong favourite.

2. Look up!

Ceiling architecture and large creative suspensions is a trend here to stay too, taking the design focus away from the tabletops to unique floral suspensions hanging from the ceiling.

3. A bright future

Bespoke lighting is key, from naked bulbs and dramatic intelligent lighting to custom lampshades or clusters of glamorous chandeliers, special lighting features are a strong part of the overall wedding design today.

4. Sitting pretty

Innovative seating is a trend that stretches from unusual chair combinations at the wedding ceremony, to stylish open-air lounges at pre-drinks and sofa-seating at tables. 

5. Bespoke is best

“Luxury is personal” is my motto when it comes to special celebrations. Creating meaning through innovative personal experiences – which can be about the smallest creative touches or reach as far as extending celebrations across three or four days.’

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Please do contact us on [email protected] if you’re planning a wedding. Enquire here and send us a quick brief so that we can send you some options and our brochure. We look forward to booking your special celebration and one of our very special venues!

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